California teachers’ unions ready to create state wide chaos

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I live where there are no teachers unions and our public schools are excellent. I have had very few complaints and this is coming from someone who is adamantly for vouchers and supports home schooling. The teachers where I live are paid well. They have generous benefits. But they don’t strike in the interest of creating “crisis.” Generally speaking they seem to be interested in educating my kids.

I had an old professor in college who long ago had escaped communist Yugoslavia who had no tolerance for collectivist nonsense. He said that teachers in America had at one time been considered part of the professional class but that when they started to unionize they abdicated being seen as professionals and accepted a lesser status in society in return for money. I think there is something to this particularly when we see the below from teachers unions.

(From The Washington Examiner)

“The next year-and-a-half must be founded upon building our capacity to strike, and our capacity to create a state crisis, in early 2018,” said Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of United Teachers Los Angeles.

Teachers’ unions in San Diego, San Bernardino, Oakland and San Francisco all see their contracts expire in June 2017. Caputo-Pearl wants to coordinate with those teachers’ unions to create the biggest possible crisis. Caputo-Pearl didn’t explicitly call for a multi-city teachers’ union strike, but did say it was an option.

Just yet another example of California’s long descent.

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