FBI Raids Labor Union With Huge ‘Hillary for President’ Sign in View (Video)

Image: Youtube screenshot
Image: Youtube screenshot

This is raw footage from the Johnny Doc labor union boss story we posted on yesterday.

As we often note, crony capitalism is not just about corporations. Other special interests, especially unions, play the game too.

(From The Washington Beacon)

FBI agents loaded a moving truck full of boxes “labeled ‘investments,’ ‘payroll,’ and ‘taxes’” from a union hall of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local 98, according to George Spencer, a reporter with Philadelphia’s NBC affiliate.

Video of the raid posted to YouTube shows FBI agents carrying the boxes from the front door of the union hall, right below a huge “Hillary for President” sign. The national IBEW union endorsedClinton’s presidential bid in June.

According to NBC Philadelphia’s report, the raids also targeted “two rowhouses, a pub, … and the political offices of a City Councilman.”

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