Google, IT department to the crony system?

No kidding, Google officially dropped this motto a couple of years ago.
No kidding, Google officially dropped this motto a couple of years ago.

Oh Google, I do miss the days of “Don’t be evil.”

But that’s all long gone now though huh? And Google isn’t pushing Goldman Sachs aside as the attached article argues, so much as it is becoming the IT department of the crony system.

So let’s see. There’s Government Motors and Tesla for cars. Government Electric for all things “green” energy. Government Sachs for crony investment banking. And now Googlement for IT.  Plus Monsanto for food. Boeing for aircraft. NBC, CBS, ABC, and on occasion Newscorp for media. Yep, most of the big bases are covered. Isn’t this GREAT! Public/partnerships dominating the economy. Hooray!!!

(From Bloomberg)

But there is also a weirdly tight relationship between the company and the Obama administration. Google was formally neutral in 2008 election, but Eric Schmidt, then the chief executive officer, now Alphabet’s executive chairman, hit the campaign trail for Barack Obama and stood at the victor’s side at a news conference the day after the vote. The director of analytics who got the Obama campaign going on its hugely successful experiments in online fundraising in 2007 was a guy on leave from Google.

Since Obama took office in January 2009, at least 250 people have left Google and related companies for jobs in the administration or vice versa. Oh, and in 2012 Schmidt actually helped recruit the Obama campaign technology team and spent election night in the campaign “boiler room” in Chicago.

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