Guess what? Food Stamps are big time CORPORATE WELFARE and many in the GOP love it

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As we’ve said before, our food stamp program is a huge source of revenue for the food manufacturers. Designed, at least originally, and at least in theory, as a way for poor people to have enough to eat, EBT (food stamps) has become a way for vested interests to fleece the taxpayer. The big food companies love it. Soda? OK. White bread? Sure. Cookies? Absolutely.

Then after a lifetime of poor eating, subsidized by the taxpayer, many people on food stamps develop food related diseases like diabetes, which must then be treated and again often must be paid for by the taxpayer. Our food policy is counterproductive to say the least.

But it is very lucrative for some. And that is why many Republican (and Democrat) lawmakers make sure the food stamp spigot stays turned on for their contributors.

(From FEE)

…But the driving force of the program is an impetus to subsidize the rich, particularly big agriculture and other legally privileged food producers.

The program guarantees these massive corporations a market at taxpayer expense. And these same interest groups, while celebrating the right of consumers to use SNAP, oppose the rights of individuals and small businesses to produce food freely…

…There is no free market when it comes to food in America. So amid Republican talk of limiting regulations that stifle economic progress and liberty, the reality is that the corrupt GOP congressmen, along with the corporate cronies who bought their lunch, promote food policies that do nothing but harm the small family farmer and food artisan, as well as limit economic growth.

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