How Clinton may be avoiding the death tax (Which she publicly supports)

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According to financial disclosures, Clinton shifted the ownership of their New York house to residence trusts in 2011, which could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate taxes.

When you take the total amount of money the Clintons have made, allow for taxes and spending, her reported investment assets are still quite a bit too low to make sense. The likely explanation is that she and Bill diverted money to what are called Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts or GRATS. Money given to such a GRAT must come back to the donor with a tiny amount of interest, but any growth in the assets goes to heirs shielded from any estate tax and also shielded from any reporting requirements. GRATS are used by almost all wealthy people to try to avoid estate taxes, and it is very, very likely that Hillary has used them as well.

(From The Free Beacon)

Clinton has said that “the estate tax has been historically part of our very fundamental believe that we should have a meritocracy,” Americans for Tax Reform reported. “While Clinton is all too happy to use tax avoidance mechanisms, as a senator she voted against repealing the Death Tax and even voted against giving small businesses and families a higher level of Death Tax exemption.”

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