How easy is it to hack voting machines? Pretty easy

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People have talked about this for years. Bring the name Diebold (the biggest vote machine company) up with a certain group and one is likely to hear much on how vulnerable voting machines are. But most people have dismissed such talk. They shouldn’t have.

(From Wired)

“When people think that people think about doing something major to impact our election results at the voting machine, they think they’d try to switch results,” says Norden, referring to potential software tampering. “But you can do a lot less than that and do a lot of damage… If you have machines not working, or working slowly, that could create lots of problems too, preventing people from voting at all.”

The extent of vulnerability isn’t just hypothetical; late last summer, Virginia decertified thousands of insecure WinVote machines. As one security researcher described it, “anyone within a half mile could have modified every vote, undetected” without “any technical expertise.” The vendor had gone out of business years prior.

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Take a moment to consider what this computer programmer had to say in a congressional hearing over a decade ago.