I lost my seat in Congress because I stood up to Washington elites

Huelskap cc

I hate the term “elites.” I find the people often referred to as “elites” are typically not elite at all. But that aside.

Representative Huelskamp apparently rubbed party (GOP) leadership the wrong way and as such was targeted.

(From The Washington Post)

After a hard-fought race, I was disappointed on Tuesday to lose the primary to represent Kansas’s “Big First’”congressional district. Representing the citizens of Kansas has been a great honor. I hope that they — and other folks across the United States — will now heed my warning…

…Even the U.S. Chamber of Commerce joined the assault at the end. That should be no surprise: Its top policy priorities include passing amnesty for millions illegally in this country, keeping their crony Export-Import-Bank alive and maintaining a regulation-obsessed IRS that benefits the largest corporations at the expense of America’s small businesses — all of which I oppose, but for which my opponent will be a reliable yes vote.

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