In The Hamptons, the (Crony Class) and Those Who Serve Them See Two Elections

Hamptons cc

The split illustrated in this article is the same split I see in America generally. Those who have done well since 2008, people in banking, in government, teachers, academia, all areas of the economy which have benefited from our crony system (which exploits the middle class) seem to lean Hillary. Those who are on the outs in the crony economy tend to favor other candidates be they Trump, Johnson, Bernie, or now Jill Stein.

Remember Mr. Bailout, Mr. Goldman Sachs, Hank Paulson Bush’s Treasury Secretary is in the Hillary camp.

See the folks flitting around the Hamptons just don’t understand why some people are so angry. I mean LOOK at this place. Life is good.

(From Bloomberg)

The presidential race pervades the cocktail parties of the wealthy who visit the Hamptons, the summer haven of Manhattan’s rich, and the workplaces of the permanent residents who serve them. The conversations rarely overlap.

Stars of Wall Street and Hollywood who enjoy the beaches, hedge-rowed estates and $100,000-a-month rentals talk about income inequality and expanding economic opportunity. Residents who provide the seaplane set with everything from lobster to massages rail against over-regulation and worry about the country’s direction.

Think about the second paragraph in the Bloomberg passage.

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