Johnson in the debates? – Clinton-Trump debate sites plan for a third podium

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Johnson should be on the stage.

The presidential debates are one of the cronyist parts of our electoral system. The 2 largest parties got such a scare with Perot they have worked together since to completely shut out the competition. It’s a duopoly.

Coke and Pepsi are not opposites, they are only flavors. But the mass of America has been conditioned to believe that cola can only taste like Coke or like Pepsi. But cola can taste like something else. In fact there are other cola companies (remember RC?) but Coke and Pepsi collude to keep other colas off the shelf.

Likewise “Republican” and “Democrat” are not opposites. They are political flavors. There are other flavors out there but these other flavors have been kept from the debate “shelves.”

That had better change. And this year.

(From Politico)

The venues that will host the presidential debates are drawing up plans for a three-person forum that would provide a lectern for a third-party candidate to stand on stage next to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

The directive comes from producers working for the Commission on Presidential Debates and it’s meant, they say, to force the university hosts to be prepared and not as a reflection of the state of the race. But it could give supporters of Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein hope as they push an alternative to the historically unpopular major party nominees.

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