Leaked: Inside the George Soros plan to exploit the refugee crisis to further his agenda

DAVOS/SWITZERLAND, 27JAN11 - George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management, USA, is captured during the session 'Redesigning the International Monetary System: A Davos Debate' at the Annual Meeting 2011 of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, January 27, 2011. Copyright by World Economic Forum swiss-image.ch/Photo by Michael Wuertenberg

In the emails the Soros organization outlines how it uses international organizations to influence (and we assume overwhelm) national policy and sovereignty on immigration issues.

We at ACC are for immigration. But we are also for US sovereignty. There are many people in the world who would like to take the United States down a few pegs (as they see it) and integrate it into a more “international” legal regime. George Soros is one of these people.

Given the hits we have taken to the rule of law in this country in recent years a more “international” regime (think TPP, etc.) would make things considerably more dire. You think Washington doesn’t listen? Try the UN.

Despite the keen interest George Soros has in American politics and the piles of money he has given to American politicians he does not appear to have the best interests of America in mind. Right now the focus appears to be on Europe. But this won’t last.

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