Los Angeles VA Hospital Lost 30 Cars, Then Fired Worker Who Reported It

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The more I read about the corruption in the Veterans Affairs system the more I am convinced that the whole thing should be scrapped. I mean how many scandals are we supposed to endure? Every 3 months there’s another example of blatant mismanagement and crony capitalism. How does one “lose” 30 cars?

Now, most of the problem lay with the massive bureaucracy of the system but the attached story reminds me of a joke I just heard. And before I repeat it I will say that the joke probably isn’t fair. I am sure there are many committed and very hard working nurses within the VA. In fact I’m positive of it. But you’ll get the point.

Q. What’s the difference between a VA nurse and bullet?

A. A bullet can draw blood. A bullet only kills one person. A bullet can be fired.

(From The Daily Caller)

Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) bosses fired an employee for reporting a hospital lost 30 of its 88 vehicles and official credit cards intended for the fleet had been misused.

Robert Benkeser, manager at the Greater Los Angeles VA, fired whistle-blower Anthony Salazar after Salazar tried to bring the theft to light. The department convened an “administrative investigation board” (AIB) that resulted in “a letter of counseling” to Benkeser for mismanaging the motor pool. Benkeser then fired Salazar several months later.

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