Louisiana Sheriff Doesn’t Like Critical Blogger, Raids Home In Search of Him

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At issue are some allegedly crony dealings between officials and local business people. An anonymous blogger questioned some no bid county contracts.

Cronyism in Louisiana? Shadiness? No.

(From Reason)

Terrebonne Parish (La.)’s Sheriff Jerry Larpenter does not appreciate the anonymous blogging of ExposeDAT, a self-described local “Underground Watchdog.” Larpenter told WWL-TV, “If you’re gonna lie about me and make it under a fictitious name, I’m gonna come after you.”

And come after the blogger he did, or at least he thinks he found the blogger, when he raided the home of Houma Police Officer Wayne Anderson and seized his computers. Anderson, it should be noted, denies he is behind the mysterious blogger behind ExposeDAT.

Now, Larpenter faces backlash from members of his community who believe he has wildly exceeded his authority, violated the First Amendment, and lost the public’s trust.

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