Majority of Trump supporters believe 2016 votes will be miscounted

vote fraud cc

This is probably a pretty rational position. Seems a pretty valid concern.

(From The Washington Examiner)

The survey, released on Friday, found that 51 percent of Trump supporters have virtually no confidence that votes cast in the general election will be counted accurately. Another 30 percent said they have little to no confidence, while 48 percent were “somewhat” confident that an accurate national vote count will occur.

There is a sense among many, and given what I’ve seen at ACC in the comments section it’s not just Trump supporters, that the electoral system has serious integrity issues. People fear non-citizens voting. People don’t understand why, in a fair election, anyone would have an issue with voter ID laws. We have seen testimony from computer programmers like this, explaining under oath that an election could be easily thrown if the right code was implanted in voting machines.

Yeah, it’s an issue.

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