More #CronyMedia: PBS cuts Green Pres. Candidate Jill Stein’s Comments Critical of Hillary Clinton from Interview

jill stein cc cc

We often discuss the crony media. Its disposition is generally corporatist, generally left of center, absolutely statist, and a key part of the establishment power structure. The #oldmedia generally cheers the Dems and generally seeks to make life hard for the Republicans. But the #oldmedia doesn’t like anyone who doesn’t adhere to the official line whoever they are, as we witness here.

It should be noted that Judy Woodruff, the interviewer in the video, gave money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The #oldmedia doesn’t think anything can touch them. They feel that they have protection from the public even while spinning to the public. There is a solid part of the American people who will always believe, who aren’t hip to the spin and just don’t really care about holding the powers that be accountable. The #oldmedia understands this.

There are some who don’t WANT to be woken up. They are very comfortable laying in their beds listening to the latest official lullaby from the #oldmedia outlets. Waking up is UNCOMFORTABLE.

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