No “Country Club Bum”: Charles Koch, unfiltered

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Attached is an interesting interview with one of the most vilified (wrongly) people in American politics. We at ACC have quite a lot of respect for Charles Koch, though we may differ with him on some points. It’s good to see him speaking out and in depth.

For the record we have no affiliation with Charles Koch or any Koch organization.

(From The Washington Post)

Like, I go back to the Declaration of Independence, and what a marvelous document that was because we were the first country in history to be founded on, people have rights. Not the divine right of kings, not the emperor’s a god, or idolized, or we have to do what the dear leader says. And, expressly, that it’s a system of equal rights, and then governments are instituted to secure those rights.

Now the tragedy, now well, and just the extent to which that was applied in this country is what made us the most successful country in the history of the world. The tragedy was that it wasn’t consistently applied. Like it wasn’t applied at all for blacks and Native Americans, and what a tragedy that’s been. And not only for them but for the country as a whole. It was only partially applied for women and for certain immigrants such as the Chinese. And it wasn’t applied to get rid of corporate welfare and cronyism. People who had special connections got special deals from the beginning.

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