Safe spaces go online: NPR closes comments section, afraid of dissent


Part of engaging online is dealing with jerks. It’s part of the deal. Back in the old days when people got up on soap boxes to vent there were jerks then too. No doubt many a slur was hurled in many a public square back in the day along with many a fist.

In most respects we are probably a much more courteous nation today, even with the relative anonymity and ease of communication via the Internet. But the sensitivity level of some has just gone off the charts in recent years. Some people can not dismiss jerks any longer. They must be protected from views and words which do not fit their worldview. The dialectic orchids must be shielded from the harsh breezes of reality and – gasp – people who think “gender studies” is a bunch of BS.

NPR says of course that’s it’s not running scared from public discourse, just that discussions should be moved to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sure.

We at ACC engage our readers in both places. If one wants to comment on the site one is welcome. If one wants to comment in Facebook and really get in the mix we welcome that as well. All of the comments show up in our feed. And NPR and some of the more “sensitive” publications could do the same thing. However they have opted for the “safe space” route. Which is just capitulation to the soft tyranny of the PC orchids. It is about limiting discussion. It is about narrowing intellectual inquiry. It’s about keeping uncomfortable discussions on the margin along with maintaining an echo chamber friendly to a certain political disposition.

You know what? Adults get insulted. They get offended. I am offended everyday without fail. But adults, you know mature people, get over it and move on.

For the record Against Crony Capitalism is not a “safe space” but we have no tolerance for those who are disrespectful of this site or our community of readers. That aside we are happy to hear from people who disagree with our views.

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