The big defense contractors are lining up behind Hillary Clinton

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I am currently editing a collection of past essays and last night I was editing the “neocon” chapter. I noticed that we argued multiple times in 2014-2015 that with the rise of Rand Paul the neocons, the pro-war crowd in the GOP and with them the weapons manufacturers, might defect to Hillary Clinton.

But as it turned out it wasn’t Rand who sent the big government GOP war advocates to Hillary, it was Trump.

(From Rare)

Defense contractors are accustomed to getting what they want. That’s why defense contractors usually donate to Republican presidential candidates: because Republican presidential candidates usually give them what they want. That means a gushing flow of taxpayer money to be spent on weapons systems regardless of whether they’re needed or not, all with minimal oversight.

Too often, being “strong on defense” connotes little more than restocking this salad bar of crony capitalism. And it works: many contractor stocks are setting records. Between the ongoing bombing campaign against ISIS and the emerging threat from Beijing, the business of war is booming. Alas, Donald Trump, the current GOP nominee, despite being a bumptious braggart, has set about questioning the foundations of our militant foreign policy, from our infatuation with Middle East regime change to our position at the head of NATO. Now, this heterodoxy has sent the contractors stampeding over to Hillary Clinton.

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