The new $2.45 billion question at Amtrak

Amtrak cc cc

Why is Amtrak still owned by taxpayers? Either it works or it doesn’t and if passenger rail isn’t viable economically in the United States it should be dead. So what if Joe Biden likes it?

Actually I don’t hate Amtrak. I take it into Washington occasionally. But there is really no reason for it to operate as it does currently. Either privatize it. Or kill it. It doesn’t make much sense to keep pouring money into a system which is in the red, deeply in the red, always.

Of course if Amtrak didn’t run it would inconvenience me, and some of the other wonky types tapping away on their laptops. But I can’t ask the people of the United States to subsidize my train commute. That’s not right. No one else should either.

(From The Washington Examiner)

“That’s the $2.45 billion question,” Taxpayers for Common Sense’s Steve Ellis told the Washington Examiner. “Are they going to be able to generate additional funds to pay back these loans, or is it going to put Amtrak further in the red?”

Since its creation in 1971, Amtrak has never made a profit and has survived through rocky periods when its continued existence relied on billions of dollars each year in congressional appropriations to keep it afloat.

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