Trump’s economic advisers are also his biggest donors

Dennis Rodman was NOT however named to the economics team.
Dennis Rodman was NOT however named to the economics team.

I can’t say that this is in any way surprising. This sounds about standard operation procedure for Trump. And given the fact that most of Wall Street is circling the wagons around Hillary it is even less surprising.

(From Politico)

In addition to those businessmen, Trump named two staffers to his 13-member economic council, Stephen Miller and Dan Kowolski, as well as: David Malpass, a former Reagan and Bush administration aide (who gave the legal maximum of $2,700 to Jeb Bush in the primaries); Peter Navarro, a professor of economics at the University of California at Irvine; Stephen Moore, the founder of the Club for Growth and former Wall Street Journal editorial writer; Dan DiMicco, the former CEO of steel manufacturer Nucor Corporation; and Stephen M. Calk, the chairman and CEO of The Federal Savings Bank.

One last economic adviser was Steve Roth, the founder of Vornado Realty, who has not been tied to financing Trump’s candidacy but has been a GOP financier in the past, bundling more than $230,000 in contributions for John McCain’s presidential campaign, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

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