Why are Our Urban Areas so Dysfunctional? Truth is Some Politicians Want Their Constituents Trapped in Poverty

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As we said in a recent video, there are many reasons why much of urban America is an economic wasteland. We site 2 main reasons however, big government, and cronyism.

Cities are often not very good places to do business. They are typically high tax high regulation zones. Cities often look at businesses as little more than revenue streams. And what can’t be extracted from business via taxes can be regulated out of businesses with laws. As such, businesses, especially new businesses, often don’t do business in cities. They simply can’t afford it.

Cities in many parts of America are collections of fiefdoms run by long established political machines. In truth there is often little interest in inviting new business – and jobs – into many areas as these new economic interests might undermine the established order. If new people and money come in to an area this might be bad news for the local political big shot who runs a particular neighborhood. Sadly this is reality across urban America.

Big government and cronyism have crushed millions of lives in cities over the last few decades. And non-urban America has largely given up and written off the cities as voting patterns never seem to change. The machines are too entrenched.

Also, the dirty little political secret is that the cronies who run many of America’s inner cities are more than happy to have non-urban America check out. Non-urban America is an excellent foil for politicians who are perfectly pleased to get fat while their constituents die in the streets.

(From The Chicago Tribune)

Urban school systems remain broken for students and families. Yet they feed the bureaucrats and the vendors who sell goods and services to education bureaucrats.

And the well-fed know what they’re supposed to do on Election Day: Vote Democratic.

Big city school bureaucrats are political creatures, loyal to their sponsors in the statehouse or at your City Hall. The teachers unions, by definition, are about protecting their members. Everybody’s covered but the desperate.

And the kids? They don’t have a union. They can’t vote. They don’t write campaign checks to politicians.

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