Another Socialist Hellhole: Armed Gangs Are Taking Over Hospitals in Venezuela


Funny, the statists always warn that without big intrusive government societies go haywire. But we have seen over and over and over that this is simply not true. In fact where government has a light hand and the rule of law upheld the typical result is prosperity.

However what we also see over and over and over is that countries that embrace big government have a tendency over time to turn into hellholes. The Soviet Union, Maoist China, Cambodia under the Kamer Rouge, North Korea, Cuba, and now Venezuela.

But, but, Norway. Norway is a petrostate just like Kuwait, only with fjords. It has a small population and lots of oil.

But, but, Sweden. Yet another country that went down the socialist path, living off the fat of a previously richer free enterprise era that has had to reembrace markets and capitalism in general. (This is an ongoing process.)

But, but, Germany. Do you want to be in Germany these days?  I sure don’t. The welfare state is imploding demographically and Berlin doesn’t know what to do.

Yes where the state is pervasive so is dysfunction.

(From The PanAm Post)

The group reportedly has total impunity, to the point that its members have been able to shoot patients and bystanders in full view of officials of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB).

According to the report, the group has been responsible for threats on workers who ask for better working conditions.

“Employees come to work in fear,” Director of FetraSalud Pablo Zambrano said. Many are locked in their offices and do not leave until the end of the day.”

Three weeks ago, a sick family member of the gang was admitted to the hospital, and the doctor who treated him received threats

“‘You better treat me well, because if I die, you will pay for it,’ the man told me,” said the doctor, who declined have his name used in this article.

Other hospitals have seen similar problems.

Click here for the article.

It should also be noted that Venezuela has strong gun control laws. As such only the government apparatchiks and the criminals have weapons. (Often the same people.) The average person is defenseless. 

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