Dairy Lobby Sides with Florida in Orwellian Attempt to Redefine ‘Skim Milk’

Milk is almost as politicized as booze.
Milk is almost as politicized as booze.

What is the deal with milk? For such a simple innocuous substance it sure has a lot of shady economics and politics attached to it.

For instance in many places raw milk is contraband. Everywhere in America the price is regulated by the feds for the long established dairy guild. Taxpayers pay for pro-milk propaganda. There are battles over what milk even legally is. (It’s not almond milk. It’s almond drink.) Milk is an interesting beverage.

(From Reason)

You may recall the Ocheesee Creamery case, which I wrote about in April. As I described in thatcolumn, a Florida state agriculture department inspector ordered Ocheesee, a small, all-natural creamery located along the state’s panhandle, to stop selling its skim milk in 2012. He claimed Ocheesee’s skim milk ran afoul of Florida’s standard of identity for skim milk, which requires creameries and dairies to add vitamin A to their skim milk.

Ocheesee, which prides itself on its all-natural milk, proposed to label its skim milk as “Pasteurized Skim Milk, No Vitamin A Added.” The state countered with “Non-Grade ‘A’ Milk Product, Natural Milk Vitamins Removed” and ordered there be no mention of “skim milk” on the label. The state later changed its tune, arguing instead that Ocheesee could sell its 100% skim milk only if it were labeled as “imitation skim milk.”

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