Bayh net worth soared since leaving Senate


This isn’t an issue specific to Evan Bayh or any one political party. This is par for the course. Leave Congress, cash in if one can. These are your “leaders.” Part of the crony machine.

(From Politico)

Bayh’s post-Senate earnings are up sharply from his time in public office. Bayh earned a salary of $174,000 annually in 2010 — though his wife, Susan Bayh, also earned at least $1 million working for the biotechnology company Dendreon and over time earned income and stock options from six other companies. Evan and Susan Bayh had between $2.1 and $7.7 million in assets — plus stocks and stock options from two companies worth at least $1 million each belonging to Susan Bayh — when Bayh left the Senate at the end of 2010, according to a filing at the time. (The value Susan Bayh’s two most valuable stocks did not include an upper value limit on that filing.) Bayh also owned a rental property in Delaware that was purchased for $1.8 million — but likely was valued at less after the economic recession.

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