Clip from HYPERNORMALIZATION a new documentary from BBC/VICE, How much of your reality is manipulated? (VIDEO)


OK, I am not usually one to buy into dystopian gloom. And I certainly haven’t here. I’ve watched multiple clips from this film and some of it is overly negative, a good bit of it is. But in this clip some very interesting points are made and questions raised. This particular clip at least is worth a view.

How did the media, the politicians, the establishment get it so wrong on Brexit? (Other things?) To what degree have algorithms in social media encouraged people to live in echo chambers divorced from reality? (Something we try to break through here at ACC by the way by welcoming all comers who are respectful of the site and other readers.) How conscious are our “leaders” of this tendency? How trapped are these “leaders” themselves?

Perhaps the most interesting bit in the video below is when it points out the degree to which we all know so much of life is fake, numbers, polls, official opinions, but most of us just go along with it, and how similar this “embrace of the fake” is to Soviet Russia in its decline. That I find particularly interesting.

I haven’t seen the entire movie but plan to shortly. However, I post because this clip is a good dose of subversive thinking. Which is good to see every once in a while.