Columbia Student: I Was Reported to Gender-Based Misconduct Office for Calling Myself Handsome


Consider how privileged we have to be as a society to worry about some of the things that take up some people’s time, particularly on some of America’s “finest” universities.

(From Reason)

According to Sweetwood, the incident happened in his Chinese class. He was supposed to say something in Chinese, and that’s what he picked. The professor later told him she thought it was a funny remark, but one student had complained. That was just the beginning:

Later that day, my advising dean emailed me to say, “The University’s Gender-Based Misconduct Office contacted us because they received a complaint about your behavior towards your Elementary Chinese II professor. It is important we meet to discuss this as soon as possible.” I responded in a defiant tone, denying any wrongdoing, though I agreed to meet the next day.

Sweetwood’s dean made him promise never to make any upsetting remarks. When the student refused, he was sent to the Gender-Based Misconduct Office, where an administrator attempted to persuade him to abandon his micro-aggressive ways.

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