Health-Care Cronies Seek Monopoly Powers Over Contact Lenses


Johnson and Johnson insists that this new proposed law is for your safety. That the proposed law essentially reinstates J&J’s lost government created privilege in the contact lens market is purely a coincidence.

(From Mises)

Once upon a time, contact lens manufacturer Johnson & Johnson was on top of the world in terms of its market dominance. Today, it still produces nearly 40 percent of the world’s contact lenses, but this is nothing compared to the company’s heyday, when it enjoyed numerous government-granted monopoly powers over the contact-lens market.

Unfortunately for the nation’s 41 million contact lens users, the good old days of exploiting contact lens customers via government regulations might be coming back if the new Contact Lens Consumer Health Protection Act is passed into law. This legislation will strip consumers of their right to choose in an effort to further the financial interests of the billion-dollar medical lobby.

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