In Southwest Pa., the Democratic nominee is the Tea Party Republican


This is interesting. Every once in a while a little democracy breaks out.

(From The Washington Examiner)

Art Halvorson may be the most interesting Democratic nominee for Congress this election — in part because he’s really a Tea Party Republican.

Halvorson in 2014 ran against pork-barreling Transportation Committee chairman and political legacy Bill Shuster. Shuster is most famous for his relationship with an airline lobbyist, an obvious conflict of interest for a Transpo chairman.

Halvorson ran again this year, and lost the GOP primary to Shuster by only 1,200 votes—about 1 percent of the electorate. That same day, however, 1,069 Democratic voters wrote in his name on the Democratic primary ballot. No Democrat had filed to run, and Halvorson beat the other write-in candidates, making him the nominee.

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