Obamacare, and What (Else) Is Leading Americans to Revolt


Obamacare is imploding. This is a good thing. Some people will call for socialized medicine, a so called “single payer” system to replace it. But we can’t afford that. Such a scheme is unlikely to happen no matter who becomes president.

What is likely to happen is the system of crony giveaways and pay to play schemes in place now will limp along because none of the cronies want to give up their revenue streams, both on the government side and on the corporate side.

(From The American Thinker)

The Affordable Care Act has placed an estimated 247 new bureaucracies between our tax dollars and our health care.  K Street crony capitalists, being what they are, have moved in to capture easy dollars created by these new pay-for-play government entities.  The corruption in the system is made manifest by the real cost they add to administering our care with no added value.

When you review your medical bill, the costs are frequently shockingly high, while the ultimate reimbursement to the physicians themselves is often laughably low.  Who gets the real money?  Americans think the entrenched politicians and their friends in business are the beneficiaries, just like in every other area where government is involved.  When so much of the wealth of our country is absorbed into the Washington, D.C. area, it is hard to think otherwise.

The two crony systems currently making a windfall profit through their lobbyists are the insurance companies and the hospital corporations.  Obamacare has promised to make good on any losses incurred by Blue Cross, United Health Care, et al. in initiating the health care exchanges.  Three years of artificially low risk is good for a company and its stock value – a crony’s best outcome.  The reason every one of these companies is about to bail out or has already abandoned the system is because these dollars dry up in 2017.  We are all waiting to see how the elites cash in on the next permutation of this craziness, because we know they will always come out ahead.

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