Obamacare “architect” Johnathan Gruber: Increase the Obamacare fines to force young people into enrollment (VIDEO)


That’s right, Mr. Gruber, who famously explained that Obamacare only became law because of the “stupidity of the American voting public,” explains now that Obamacare is not imploding (HA!), but “it could work better.” One of the ways Obamacare could work “better” is if the fines for not carrying health insurance were raised. This would force, Gruber argues, young “free riders” into the system so that they in turn can subsidize older and less healthy Obamacare participants.

See, no problem. No insurance death spiral. Just penalize the 20 somethings more because as we know young people today are swimming in cash and opportunities. Squeeze some more blood from that youthful stone. No problem. The “economists” have got this.

People like Mr. Gruber are a particularly dangerous kind of crony. They look meek, but the planners screw things up worse than anyone.