Over 120 arrested at North Dakota pipeline protests, including journalists

Cops are one thing. Winter in North Dakota is another thing all together.
Cops are one thing. Winter in North Dakota is another thing altogether.

Funny, I was chastised by a social justice warrior for covering this story (even though we were generally positively disposed toward the protesters, though not totally) because my tone wasn’t I guess sufficiently PC. How shortsighted was that?

The North Dakota protests are an important story. It will be interesting to see what happens as winter descends on the upper plains. As I told an Occupy Wall Street person at a camp a few years ago, winter soldiers make a movement, in some cases literally. OWS didn’t have any winter soldiers. We’ll see see if the anti-pipeline people do. And North Dakota is serious winter country.

Of course all of this is probably being driven by people with money in San Francisco and Washington who just don’t want to see any fossil fuel pipelines anywhere ever.

(From The Guardian)

There were increasingly tense clashes between police and demonstrators against the Dakota access pipeline, which the Standing Rock Sioux tribe says is a threat to its water supply and cultural heritage.

Reporters and protesters recently released from jail told the Guardian that police aggressively targeted nonviolent demonstrators with batons and pepper spray and indiscriminately arrested journalists and film-makers before issuing “riot” and “criminal trespassing” charges.

“I’ve covered conflicts overseas, and I never imagined I would see this kind of show of force against peaceful people,” said Jihan Hafiz, a freelance journalistwho was arrested hours after she arrived on Saturday. “This is the kind of thing you see in the Middle East.”

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