Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for Major Cities


Embedded in the attached article is a video The Intercept was able to gain access to via FOIA request. It paints a dark picture. Urban megacities spread out across the landscape. Gangs rule the slums. Terror groups hide in the shadows. The chaos extends online. Pollution is everywhere. Misery. Death. Disease. Mad Max by 2030.

I’d take this assessment with a grain of salt however. Similar projections of doom go back as far as human history does. Often they are used to sell something. Religions. Land in the Nevada desert. Military spending.

Still, the trends identified are real and are cause for some concern. Nobody wants a global rat nest of crime, violence, and poverty. All we are saying is that more people live better now by far than at any other time in human history. (Thank you free enterprise and innovation.) This trend is very likely to continue even with the challenges identified by the US Army.

(From The Intercept)

According to the video, tomorrow’s vast urban jungles will be replete with “subterranean labyrinths” governed by their “own social code and rule of law.” They’ll also enable a proliferation of “digital domains” that facilitate “sophisticated illicit economies and decentralized syndicates of crime to give adversaries global reach at an unprecedented level.” If the photo montage in the video is to be believed, hackers will use outdoor electrical outlets to do grave digital damage, such as donning Guy Fawkes masks and filming segments of “Anonymous News.” This, we’re told, will somehow “add to the complexities of human targeting as a proportionally smaller number of adversaries intermingle with the larger and increasing number of citizens.”

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