Pipeline Brings a Property Rights Fight to Virginia


This fight is almost literally right in my back yard. Just down the road a couple of miles or so the “no pipeline” signs start popping up.

Is private property private or not? Just because a company is big and connected does that mean that it just gets to do whatever it wants if your property happens to be in their way?

I say no. Of course not.

Our current governor (and key Clinton ally it should be mentioned) disagrees with me.

By the way, this is a great example of where property rights and environmentalism dovetail.

(From Reason)

Eighty-three-year-old Hazel Palmer could become the Suzette Kelo of Virginia—the face of a property-rights revolution. She has a piece of land in Augusta County along the proposed route of the 600-mile, $5 billion Atlantic Coast Pipeline. It has been in her family for four generations, and she does not want surveyors for the pipeline traipsing across it—especially if said surveying leads to what she fears: a staging area for drilling inside her property line.

A state law says the pipeline’s surveyors don’t need her permission to step onto her property. The state’s constitution might say otherwise. Virginia’s Supreme Court will decide the matter.

Also it should be noted that Duke Energy, one of the partners with Dominion Power on this project basically paid for the Democratic convention in 2012.

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