Racist Totalitarianism at UC Berkeley, This is what the Religion of Grievance and the abandonment of The Enlightenment has wrought (VIDEO)

Much more enlightened times at Berkeley. Long before the PC virus replicated in academia.

This shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, but particularly at a state school like UC Berkeley. So, many of the people who pay to keep the school open are to be denied entry through the main gate? I don’t think so. Seeing this video just illustrates again why the Alumni Strike is taking hold across the country. Perhaps there should be a taxpayer strike for Cal too.

And it’s not like the way is being cleared. The university seems to be passively if not actively sanctioning this bullying.

Cal is supposed to be one of the best universities in the world. What we see here is racism, ugly racism allowed to happen at a taxpayer supported school, ignorance, and just flat out stupidity.

Sad to see this at the university that birthed the Free Speech movement.

And for the record I recently reheard a wonderful protest song to which every good lefty in America could relate at one time. It is defiant. It is “leftist.” I post it below. It comes from the time when liberals at least still had some concept of LIBERTY. But that was before the Religion of Grievance took hold. Back when hippies had guts.

“Let a man live his own life. Rules and regulations who needs them?…Throw them out the door…”

-Graham Nash