Taxpayers are paying more than £400,000 a year to subsidize a farm where a billionaire Saudi prince breeds racehorses


In the US, the UK, the EU, farm subsidies are such a scam. It’s welfare for the (mostly) wealthy. Simple as that. Sometimes it’s welfare for the truly rich.

(From The BBC)

Farm subsidies swallow a huge chunk of the EU’s budget. They were started after World War Two to stimulate production, but led to food mountains that had to be dumped…

…The UK’s top beneficiaries include estates owned partly or wholly by the Queen (£557,706.52); Lord Iveagh (£915,709.97); the Duke of Westminster (£427,433.96), the Duke of Northumberland (£475,030.70 ) the Mormons (£785,058.94) – and many wealthy business people.

Asked if the Queen thought it appropriate to receive taxpayers’ subsidy based on the size of her land holding, a spokesman for the Palace said: “Subsidies are open to all farmers, and are received on the Queen’s private estate. We would not comment beyond the detail that is already in the public domain.”

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