The non-citizen voter fraud disaster

Heck, why not 3 times?

I have to tell you, the election is rolling up on us pretty quickly and I’d say we’ve got a real voter fraud problem on our hands. One that could undermine the very legitimacy of the system.

We’ve seen bits and pieces of what is going on lately but one can pretty safely assume that there is MUCH more going on on the voter fraud front than we know about.

Yet we’ve been told for years that voter fraud isn’t a problem. Gee, it looks like a problem to me. It looks like a problem to many of us. Yet the #oldmedia is not interested in this story. (They are actually quite interested in it, they just mostly won’t cover it for political reasons.) This should be a front and center issue.

(From The Conservative Review)

Several weeks after a court ordered Ohio to stop cleaning its voter rolls from dead voters, likely raising the specter of voter fraud in the key battleground state, a new report reveals how Virginia and Pennsylvania — two other critical states — have seen hundreds of cases of non-citizens voting. That raises the question: Is the foundation of our democratic republic and national sovereignty no longer secure?

Earlier this week, the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF), headed by former Justice Department Attorney J. Christian Adams, released a pair of damning reports showing how the voting rolls in parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania are compromised with ineligible voters and that some of those voters have actually cast ballots in recent elections. What is more disquieting about this analysis is that it covered only a handful of counties via public record requests made through the National Voter Registration Act. Thanks to stonewalling from local election officials, a story Conservative Review first broke, PILF could not obtain comprehensive data on these two battleground states, which makes it all the more likely the number of registered voters who are non-citizens or otherwise ineligible to vote is much higher.

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