This Election Is A Gift For Libertarians


It really has been for both big “L” Libertarians and for small “l” libertarians. The curtain has been thrown back. We’ve seen the inner machinations of the electoral system. We’ve seen the lying and the deceit and the collusion and the media compliance. Many of us already knew. Some of us had already seen the nastiness first hand. But now my generally apolitical neighbors down the street have seen what’s really going on, and it is opening minds.

(From The Ron Paul Liberty Report)

Life, liberty, and property rights may be taking another massive hit in this year’s election, but there is a silver lining for libertarians. The most important things that government relies upon from its submissive subjects continue to decay right before our eyes.

Government depends upon on a massive amount of smoke and mirrors in order to garner sufficient belief in its legitimacy. If there’s one good thing that we can say about Donald Trump, it’s that his candidacy has exposed the mainstream media as a full-blown arm of the government and establishment elites. Of course, Ron Paul supporters already knew this to be the case for years now, but the media has now shown its cards to everyone. They are FCC licensed lapdogs of the state. 

This widespread understanding is huge! For decades, Americans have believed the media to be legit. Remember, prior to the Internet, government had a lock on the information that Americans were Fed. There were a few TV stations, all parroting the same government line, and they would go off-the-air every night to the playing of the star-spangled banner. Belief in the political class was a shoe-in.

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