Where Bernie Went Wrong And Why His Remedies Will Just Make Crony Capitalism Worse (A Review)


Where Bernie Went Wrong is the latest book from co-founder of Against Crony Capitalism, Hunter Lewis. Below a review of this important book. Which can be purchased HERE.

(From Enter Stage Right)

What Lewis – and Rand – understood, but Sanders apparently does not, is that crony capitalism a) is not capitalism any more than “democratic socialism” is democracy and b) depends equally on the corruption of business which seeks favours and government which grants it. Sanders proposes not a reduced role for government in the economy, which would at least place some sort of a check on its natural desire for growth and power-seeking, but a greater interventionist ability. Sanders believes that because he wants government to intervene in the economy for “the people” that somehow bureaucrats would act without bias and corruption.

Although Lewis does not state it, it may be why Sanders’ political philosophy resonated among many of America’s youth in 2016. It is ultimately a half-formed philosophy that appeals to people who haven’t fully thought out the ramifications of what Sanders is calling for, something that every conservative teenager is aware of when they endure a high school civics class. Sanders well knows, after decades in politics, that government is only capable of picking winners without regard to what the market, or society, determines is a proper allocation of resources. Instead of big business, Sanders sides with big government, big union, big law and big social justice – none of whom have shown any predilection for doing what’s right, only for doing what’s in their narrow interests.

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