Johnathan Pie nails why Trump won and why the “Left” was defeated, He’s a lefty (VIDEO)

A couple of things. I think Pie is wrong on his general disposition politically but he reminds me of what “liberals” used to be like before the plague of political correctness, the Religion of Grievance, descended on the Western Left. He correctly points out that PC shuts down debate. When this debate is shut down the marketplace of information is warped. The Clinton camp, the media, the pundits, the pollsters were all operating and making assumptions with warped information.

This by the way was my electoral college call on September 15th 2016.


He also calls Clinton out for being a blatant crony capitalist. An issue with which many Dems are only now coming to terms. Of course the Bernie people knew.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO HAS THE F WORD IN IT. A lot. Please pass over if you are offended by very profane language. (In all the saltiness is real insight however.)

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