Rep. Dave Brat: Ryan Should Explain Agenda Before Holding Speaker Vote


I consider Brat one of the few good guys up on the Hill. He’s the guy who replaced Eric Cantor and has done a good job of sticking to his constitutional guns.

Brat’s right. What are Ryan’s priorities? Has he changed or is he going to try to cling to the ways of old? We still remember Ex-Im.

(From Newsmax)

GOP leadership promised to repeal Obamacare and to end Obama’s rule by executive order. They said they would fight “tooth and nail;” but then left the teeth and nails at home.

Instead of a fight, we somehow ended up with the alphabet soup of regulations and orders that are crushing us — from FDA to EPA to Waters of the USA, to the franchisee rule, the fiduciary rule, and the overtime rule, and don’t forget Dodd-Frank and Obamacare. Congress never used the power of the purse to reign in Obama’s unconstitutional actions, as promised.

Small businesses are suffering. The labor market is weak; the labor force participation rate is low and economic growth is not anywhere near what it should be. These are the issues the shrinking middle class face.

Why has GOP leadership not placed these issues first? Instead, leadership fought for crony projects like the Export-Import bank and massive secretive trade deals like TPP. While taking up deals on behalf of big business, Congress didn’t bother with the issues that matter to struggling Americans back home.

That’s what this election was about.

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