As Trump contemplates increased military spending let’s take a moment watch this warning from President (General) Eisenhower (VIDEO)


The Pentagon is an area that should see massive cuts. Historic cuts. I say this as a military brat and as one who has  beloved family in the military. The military should be much smaller and much more efficient. As technology has ramped up there are large areas to cut. So cut them.

But you know what should be much smaller still? That massive post military career works program called The Military Industrial Complex. For some reason there is the assumption that after the military military people should work for defense contractors. Why? We don’t need an ever growing taxpayer financed, waste and abuse laden (and you guys in the military industrial complex know what I’m talking about) “civilian” war machine. Let military folks, with exceptions of course, find lives in the regular, non-taxpayer financed economy.

We have become so conditioned to think that we should have massive military spending, and “conservatives” who often call for reduced government spending are the worst on this, that this unfathomably costly enterprise has been able to roll right out of the Cold War and into “The War on Terror.” Such a machine really is anathema to what the American founders envisioned.

Eisenhower knew the danger. It is my hope that president-elect Trump, who has never struck me as a war monger, will review this clip sometime before he takes his oath. This, along with George Washington’s warning about becoming involved in “entangling aliances” is maybe the most important warning a president has ever given to the American people.