CNBC’s John Harwood: ‘White Fear’ Partly Responsible for Democratic Losses Under Obama (Many in the media still don’t get it)


The people who believe this are completely out to lunch. They thought racism was the reason for opposition to Obama. And now they think “racism” is the reason that Trump won.

It was pretty early on in Obama’s administration that I figured out that the prime NPR demographic might be completely clueless on what was happening in the country. I was in Connecticut hanging out with someone I know quite well who is unfortunately hopelessly partisan. When I explained that I didn’t particularly like Obama, (this was around 2009-2010 or so) and in fact that I thought he was quite lacking in general skill, this person informed me, snarling, that I didn’t like Obama because he was “a black man.”

Now, the person who said this to me is from lily white Connecticut. Went to an “excellent” college in Massachusetts that is even lily whiter than Connecticut (if you can believe it). And continues to live in lily white world. But he felt he had the right to scold me for my political disposition which of course also showed my racism. That I want to roll back the state and that Obama wanted to greatly expand the state had nothing to do with my dislike of the president. It was race.

I am not going to go into why my “friend” was so deeply wrong in his analysis of my feelings on the issue of race. But let’s just say that I lived in a different world than my “friend.” A much more – legitimately – “diverse” world.

It is that Harwood (and likely my “friend”) actually thinks that “white fear” was a significant factor in why Trump won is actually a much bigger factor in why Trump won than any fear in the heart of white America. It wasn’t fear of black people. It was disgust with people like Harwood. Maybe one day the “Harwoods” of the world will understand this. But probably not. Many of these folks would prefer just to wallow in righteous self delusion.

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