Facebook to enlist heavily biased Snopes.com, Washpo, ABC to determine what is “fake news” and what isn’t?


Facebook is a private company and it can do what it wants. Facebook has also been for the most part a good company to work with as far as ACC is concerned. But to rely on Snopes, The Washington Post, and ABC to determine what is real news and what is “fake” news is ridiculous. Snopes is often just flat out wrong and is always biased toward statist, establishment news. It is not some independent arbiter of information, it is an ideological tool. The same can be said for The Post to a large extent. ABC is similarly credible.

This is part of the old media trying to build a moat around itself as its market share with each passing day continues to diminish. This past election highlighted how out of touch the #oldmedia is, indeed how they were used as propaganda tools by the Clinton camp, and now with her failure they feel their privilege slipping away.

You are not capable of figuring out what is “fake news.” But The Washington Post is. Know – your – place.

Like we said a few years ago; The Establishment isn’t Going to Go Quietly. They aren’t just going to give up. Soros isn’t going to throw up his hands and say “I quit.” Always keep this in mind.

(From The Daily Beast)

Mike Cernovich, who popularized the #HillarysHealth hashtag during the presidential election, helping to spread various theories about her rumored ailments, told The Daily Beast that other news outlets, which have reported things that turned out to be false, should also perhaps be banned.

“Where are the weapons of mass destruction? Should The New York Times be banned from Facebook?” Cernovich said in a direct Twitter message to The Daily Beast referencing erroneous reporting about the lead-up to the Iraq War.

Rolling Stone created a nationwide hysteria surrounding the University of Virginia. Rolling Stone created a rape hoax. Should Rolling Stone be banned from Facebook? Should the so-called journalists who linked to the hoax article be banned from Facebook?”

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