Fighting Disney’s crony network in Anaheim

Think "city hall" is though? Try fighting the castle.
Think “city hall” is tough? Try fighting the castle.

A transpartisan anti-crony coalition wins one in southern California.

(From The Orange County Register)

Most people here love the Happiest Place on Earth and respect Disney’s deep roots in Orange County. There’s no questioning the benefits the company brings the county’s largest city. But what’s good for Disney isn’t always good for Anaheim. Its 350,000 residents have priorities that aren’t centered in the Resort District, and until now, it’s been hard to get them heard.­­­..

…“Nobody likes crony capitalism, except for the people who profit from it or get invited to the VIP events,” he said. Despite the wide-ranging ideologies on the Tait team, Moreno said they all agree on core issues: “It’s really a clean, open-government platform.”

Unions backed the Disney candidates, of course. The crony capitalist approach is all about bringing Big Labor and Big Business together to divvy up the taxpayers’ spoils. It’s been a long slide for the city. In 2006, Anaheim touted itself as a “freedom friendly” city that reduced fees, deregulated land uses in some areas and focused on treating all businesses — not just big political players — in a fair manner.

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