Fiscal Reality Comes Knocking in Nordic “Utopia” : Finnish government agrees on health care reform plan


In fairness I don’t think the Finns would use the term “Utopia.” It’s mostly Americans who are enamored with the “Nordic model” who do that.

And really we should give the Finns a break too. Right now it’s basically perpetual night in much of the country.

(From Reuters)

The parties in Finland’s ruling coalition agreed on Wednesday on a complex reform of health care and regional administration after years of negotiations that almost toppled the center-right government last year.

The deal is likely to soothe fears over the government’s ability to pass difficult reforms as the Nordic country’s economy slowly returns to growth after a decade of stagnation.

The reform aims to curb future health care costs by around 3 billion euros ($3.1 billion) as Finland struggles with an aging population. Overall, the government plans to find savings worth 10 billion euros to balance public finances over the long term.

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