Florida Paid an Estimated $26.2 Million on Behalf of Dead Beneficiaries in 5 Years

Looks like they recovered most of it. (Or so we are told.) But multiply this across the 50 states.

(From The Washington Free Beacon)

Based on the sample of 124 payments, the auditors estimated that the state made overpayments of $26,202,536 on behalf of dead beneficiaries.

The auditors recommended that the state recover the overpayments and implement procedures to identify and correct inaccurate death information.

“The agency has already recouped almost $24 million of the $26 million in overpayments,” said Mallory McManus, a communications director at Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration. “In managed care, capitation payments are made for the upcoming month to ensure continuity of care and to prevent lapses in health care coverage.”

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