How States Could Restrict Use of Food Stamps in Trump Era


There are 3 very important things to keep in mind when it comes to discussing food stamps.

1.Life can be very hard. There is such a thing as bad luck. This is particularly true for children. In this country a child should not be hungry. How this hunger is mitigated is open for debate and food stamps are almost assuredly not the best choice for solving this problem. However, again, no child should be hungry in this country.

2. Food stamps are BIG TIME crony capitalism. The money for food stamps only briefly stops off in the accounts of those who receive the benefit. Much of that money is almost immediately transferred to the big food companies. This is actually probably the biggest impediment to getting food stamps back into the realm of reasonable. Companies like selling taxpayer subsidized soda.

3. Food stamps as they are now encourage obesity and disease. Subsidize highly processed, sugary foods and don’t be surprised when diabetes becomes a major problem for the poor. These people are then treated through taxpayer subsidized health programs often.

(From The Daily Signal)

Officials in at least two states are preparing to ask the new Trump administration for approval to prohibit use of food stamp to buy junk food and candy—a restriction the Obama administration has opposed.

At least 25 states already prohibit welfare recipients from using Electronic Benefit Transfer cards to pay for alcohol, tobacco, gambling, lottery tickets, guns, or adult venues.

But heading into 2017, states such as Maine and Arkansas are looking to go further.

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