‘I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election’: Obama hits out at media for ‘troubling coverage’ of Clinton and its ‘obsession’ with leaked Podesta and DNC emails

I accept that Mr. Obama and I do not see the world the same way. But there are times when the President ventures into the ludicrous and this is one of those times.

The media in pretty much every way was in the tank for Hillary Clinton this election. Aside from FOX News, all the major broadcasters were practically ongoing infomercials for the former Secretary of State this year. Even accounting for Obama’s pro-Democrat bias how can he possibly say that the media was too tough on Hillary Clinton with a straight face? What election was he watching?

(From The Daily Mail)

President Obama took some time out of his final press conference of the year to defend Hillary Clinton, chiding the press for what he said was unfair coverage.

Obama hit out at the media after one reporter asked if Russia’s reported hacking of the Democratic Party to help Trump was partially to blame for Clinton’s loss.

‘I think she’s worked tirelessly on behalf of the American people and I don’t think she was treated fairly during the election,’ Obama said as he avoided critiquing Russia outright.

‘I think the coverage of her – and the issues – was troubling,’ he added.

Oh we agree Mr. President. It was indeed troubling.


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