Is it time to defund or deport the United Nations?


Hey, why not both?

The Obama Israel vote thing does not upset me so much as I see this as an example of what happens when one gets wrapped up in the Middle East. Of course things like this are going to happen. It’s the Middle East.

Obama thumbing his nose at Israel on the way out the door WAS classy though. Wonder what Barbara Streisand thought of that move?

Regardless, this episode has given us the opportunity to get down to brass tacks with the UN. Specifically maybe we can get down to how it is that the United Nations is going to ship itself to Brussels. I suggest a barge. If the contents shipped by barge eat it on the way across the Atlantic ocean (as they likely would on a barge) then so be it. The world will be a better place.

(From WND)

The United States should withdraw from the U.N., “cease all payments” and “expel it from American soil,” the petition states.

“We further urge President-elect Donald J. Trump and the Republican Congress to declare all United Nations resolutions, treaties and other explicit and implicit commitments to be no longer binding on the United States and violations of American sovereignty. … We urge President-elect Donald J. Trump and the Republican Congress to use all available means to encourage allies of the United States and Israel to withdraw from the United Nations and withhold all funding and official recognition from that organization.”

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