It’s Official: Clinton’s Popular Vote Win Came Entirely From California


California has much going for it. Silicon Valley, redwood forests, a largely Mediterranean climate, good skiing despite its general warmth, excellent surfing, sunsets over the Pacific, the “Bakersfield sound,” Pebble Beach. Lot’s of great things. However the state, as IBD points out is essentially a 1 party state. Good luck doing much business on a large scale if one does not bow to the party. And to say that the political infrastructure is “skewed” toward the Democratic party in California would be a vast understatement.

(From IBD)

In recent years, California has been turning into what amounts to a one-party state. Between 2008 and 2016, the number of Californian’s who registered as Democrats climbed by 1.1 million, while the number of registered Republicans dropped by almost 400,000.

What’s more, many Republicans in the state had nobody to vote for in November.

There were two Democrats — and zero Republicans — running to replace Sen. Barbara Boxer. There were no Republicans on the ballot for House seats in nine of California’s congressional districts…

…Plus, since Republicans knew Clinton was going to win the state — and its entire 55 electoral votes — casting a ballot for Trump was virtually meaningless, since no matter what her margin of victory, Clinton was getting all 55 votes.

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