JUST FLAT OUT STUPID! DEA reschedules highly therapeutic, non-psychoactive*, CBD oil as a Schedule 1 drug (VIDEO)


This is just criminal. CBD oil isn’t even psychoactive* but helps many people deal with epilepsy and other debilitating diseases. Truly, this is just disgusting and whoever made this decision should have to look the parents of a child suffering with uncontrollable epilepsy – a child who previously had his or her symptoms under control because of simple CBD – right in the eye and say to them that CBD oil is a bad thing. There is no justification for this action from the Feds. There is no sane reason. It is a horrible decision that will contribute to the suffering of thousands if not millions of Americans.

There should be Congressional hearings around this. How could this possibly have happened? The DEA has too much power. End the War on Drugs.

*In the sense that CBD gets one high anyway.